Frequently Asked Questions about Carla’s Cupcakes

What does “No Nuts, No Eggs, No Problem” mean?

  • Carla’s oldest son lives with severe nut and egg allergies. There is no risk of cross-contamination because peanuts and tree nuts are not allowed in the home kitchen and all baked goods are made without eggs.

How do you bake without eggs?

  • After years of experimenting, Carla was able to find the perfect recipe for making delicious cupcakes and cake pops.

Can you offer other allergen-free products?

  • Carla’s Cupcakes does provide treats free of other allergens; however, because this is not the routine baking process (as is no nuts, no eggs), please specify your allergens in your initial contact and be aware there is a risk of cross contamination with dairy, soy, or gluten.

Can you bake custom cakes, instead of cupcakes or cake pops?

  • Eggs traditionally serve as a binding ingredient within the cake. Because Carla’s Cupcakes are egg-free, they “bake best” as cupcakes and cake pops. Unfortunately, Carla cannot guarantee the stability of a full-sized decorated cake.
  • Carla is happy to provide cookie cakes, brownies, and cookies as an alternative to cupcakes or cake pops for your celebrations.

What precautions are made to ensure your cupcakes and cake pops are allergen-free?

  • Carla checks the labels of every product used, every time she buys ingredients for baking. As the mother of a child with allergies, she is aware that manufacturing processes change and just because the product was “safe” yesterday doesn’t mean it is still “safe” today.
  • Carla will provide a list of ingredients with each order.

How much advance notice does Carla’s Cupcakes require for orders?

  • Please place orders at least one to two weeks in advance. The bakery has become very busy and unfortunately Carla can’t guarantee she can accommodate last minute orders.
  • Be sure to include specific allergens (if any), decoration request, as well as icing and cupcake flavors

What flavors do you offer?

  • Carla’s Cupcakes offers a wide variety of flavors. Please click on the Flavors tab for an updated list.
  • Carla’s Cake Pops offers different flavors for the cake, but please be aware of the decorations when selecting your cake ball flavor (i.e., chocolate cake pops are not recommended for “light” pops such as snowmen).

I love your cupcakes, but I also love peanut butter. Can you accommodate?

  • No. Carla doesn’t allow any peanut/nut products into the home kitchen. If a specific decoration calls for peanut butter, Biscoff spread or another substitute (i.e., tinted frosting) will be made.

How much do your cupcakes and cake pops cost?

  • Cupcake and cake pop pricing varies, based on each custom order:
  • Regular-sized cupcakes are $1.75 to $4.00 each, depending on level of detail
  • Mini-cupcakes are $1.00 to $2.25 each, depending on level of detail
  • Cake Pops are $1.75 to $3.00 each, depending on level of detail

Does Carla’s Cupcakes deliver?

  • Carla’s Cupcakes is located in Western Fairfax County and serves the Northern Virginia area. Most orders should be picked up directly from Carla’s Cupcakes; however, deliveries can be made for an additional fee.

Can Carla’s Cupcakes donate cupcakes and cake pops to charities and special events?

  • Carla is happy to provide cupcakes and cake pops to various charities and fundraisers. Please contact her to discuss quantity, etc., as well as possible silent auction items.
  • Carla announced on the company’s one-year anniversary she would be “giving back” to the food allergy community by donating a percentage of every sale to the Children’s National Medical Center Food Allergy Group.

I want to place an order. What is the best way to contact Carla’s Cupcakes?

  • Carla can be reached via the “Contact Me” tab, email, or phone (703-250-3108 or 703-582-7615)
  • Please remember to mention any allergens in the initial contact.

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