Carla is always baking new and different flavors. Below are samples of the flavors Carla’s Cupcakes offers. (Most cupcake flavors can also be used for cake pops flavors)

Chocolate with chocolate frosting, and chocolate cake pops:

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting and red velvet cake bites:

Strawberry and vanilla frosting, as well as gluten-free strawberry with chocolate frosting:

Vanilla with vanilla frosting, and vanilla cake bites:

Dairy-free chocolate and chocolate frosting, and dairy-free vanilla and vanilla frosting:

Apple spice with cream cheese frosting:

Apple spice with caramel:

Root beer with vanilla frosting:


Boston Cream (vanilla pudding replaces custard):


Mocha with raspberry frosting or mocha with homemade caramel sauce:

Vanilla or chocolate with cherry frosting:

Chocolate chocolate chip with chocolate frosting:

Chai with honey whipped cream frosting:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting (pairs well with any flavor cupcake)

Banana Split Cupcake with Chocolate Glaze & Whipped Topping

Girl’s Night Out Cupcakes


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